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Ribbon Wrap Bracelets

I handmake the slide focals for my bracelets in silver, copper and bronze. They are made from metal clay - metal particles in a binder. When the piece is fired in a kiln at very high temperatures, the binder burns away and the metal sinters - leaving pure and solid metal.

I love the flexibility the clay gives me. It's so much more malleable than hard sheet metal.

I don't make the silk myself but source it from Etsy from sellers who hand dye and sew them individually.


How to tie the ribbon

how to wrap the bracelet

Silk care instructions

Hand wash in cold water and a drop of mild soap - like dish soap or baby shampoo.

Rinse silk in cold water until free of soap.

Roll up silk in tower to remove excess water. Hang on rack.

If you want a smooth ribbon iron on lowest setting while slightly damp.


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